10 ways to stay HEALTHY as a VEGAN! ๐ŸŒฑ

Some Tips on Easy Tofu Recipes You Can Practice at Home

There are lots of easy tofu recipes existing for you to practice so that you can no longer say that cooking tofu is hard. You have to be aware of a few easy ways regarding cooking these recipes. Many of easy tofu recipes can be completed in a matter of minutes only if you know how to execute them. Easy tofu recipes are just the way to spice up some of the meals that you generally cook at home.

How to Make Raw Vegan Crackers

If you know about or have heard about raw foods you may have come across articles that talk about raw crackers – or more commonly – raw flax seed crackers. Raw crackers are generally standbys for raw foodists of which I am one.

Staying Vegan

Becoming vegan is easy, staying vegan is a little more difficult. Read on for tips that you can use to help you stay with your vegan journey.

Vegan Vegetarian Diet – Moral Considerations the Meat Industry Prefers You Remain Clueless About

In addition to concerns about our health, an equally compelling reason to choose a vegetarian lifestyle is moral and ethical concern about killing another animal for food. Often, even those who become vegetarians exclusively for health reasons experience a growing responsibility to protect the animals and wildlife of this planet. The thought of killing animals and birds for “fun” or “sport” or “recreation” is distressing to vegetarians, many of whom become involved in conservation movements.

Vegetarian and Veganism – What is the Difference?

Humans have been eating meat and animal products for many millennia, ever since evolution began and they evolved from apes. Vegetarianism on the other hand is a few thousand years old, and Veganism is just a few decades old and is an extreme form or subset of vegetarianism, where all animal products are avoided. Whatever food is consumed, whether meat based, veg, or vegan, cooking is an integral part of eating food and this requires Recipes. There are thousands of Vegetarian Recipes, Vegan Recipes and Recipes for meat based dishes that are available on hundreds of websites.

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