28 Days on a Plant-Based Diet | Amazing Results!

Vegan Nachos and Home-Made Savoury Crackers

Traditional nachos is incredibly fatty, unhealthy, over-salted and lacks fibre. This vegan version is not only super-healthy, but provides a balanced nutritional meal where the meat has been replaced by lentils; the cheese by grated tofu; the Nacho chips by easy home-made crackers that taste exactly the same and sour cream rather made with tofu yoghurt.

Raw Vegan Spicy Biscuits

Making biscuits without having to bake them, is not only fun but time-saving too. These biscuits were done in a dehydrator, but one can also bake them in an oven set at the lowest temperature and leaving the door ajar. These biscuits are crunchy and nutritious.

Marinated Tofu

Tofu is very bland on its own. Yet its blandness is also an advantage: one can make tofu into savoury or sweet dishes and baking, changing the flavour with whatever you’re adding. The recipe below uses a variety of marinades to flavour the tofu over a few days, making every tofu dish completely different from each other.

Raw White and Dark Chocolate Layer Torte

A raw cake is basically a mousse-type of cake that is incredibly quick to make. The cake sets by blending in soaked nuts and Irish Moss (a sea weed that is very high in minerals).

What Led to Use Of Hydroponics Systems in Green Houses

Did you ever notice that the market nearest to your house has equal number of racks dedicated to tinned food and fresh vegetables? Yes, this is the outcome of an age where no one has the time to stop and think.

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