7 Vegan Hacks To Make Your Life Easier!

Tired of Bland Tofu? Discover 6 Quick & Delicious Ways to Prepare Tofu

There is more than one way to prepare Tofu. In fact, I know of 6 delicious ways to help you prepare and enjoy Tofu, the perfect plant based protein. Tofu doesn’t have to be bland or intimidating to cook with. Discover 6 easy ways you can begin preparing Tofu for you and your family.

How to Design a Delicious and Nutritious Vegan Meal Plan

Looking for relief from the daily struggle to put together a healthy, balanced, and delicious vegan meal? Tired of shifting through online recipe banks and cookbooks to put a great appetizer, main course, and dessert into one meal? Learn how to get a meal plan with recipes, pictures, nutritional information, grocery list, and tips all in once place.

3 Ways to Heat Raw Vegan Food

The concept of a hot raw meal is counter intuitive, how can a meal be hot and yet be considered raw. The reason is due to the definition of raw food. Most definitions of raw food state that food is considered raw as long as it is not heated above 115F, the reason for this that enzymes found in food, breakdown at 115F. Here are some methods to enjoy a warm raw meal.

3 Myths of a Raw Vegan Diet

There are myths surrounding the raw vegan diet that have prevented people from starting such a diet. This article discusses some of the major ones and hopes to educate the reader.

Celebrate Holidays Eating Healthy and Delicious Vegan Dishes

Since many of the special occasions in our lives are closely associated with eating particular foods, the older we are, the harder it is to contemplate adopting a vegan diet, out of concern it will no longer be possible to celebrate holidays and other significant events with family and friends. However, with the right mental attitude and adequate preparation, you can enjoy sharing holidays with your family, and take pleasure in eating new foods, too!

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