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How to Become a Vegetarian in 6 Simple Steps

How to become a vegetarian is an easy process. Here are six steps to help make your healthy transition smooth.

Easy Snack Recipes for 200 Calories or Less

Making easy snack recipes for vegetarians is simple. It makes your life easier and your eating program easier to follow.

Why Soy (and Tofu) Aren’t The Answer! The Problems With Eating Soy and the Solution

Is soy healthy or isn’t it? The health status of Soy as a food item has become the subject of fantastic debate. There are vegetarian soy advocates who extol the benefits of eating soy, sometimes to the point of disbelief, and there are the soy fear mongerers, would be prophets of doom, scaring us away. Whats the truth? Here is where we sort out the facts.

Healthy Foods For Vegetarians

Unlike meat, vegetables do not contain cholesterol or any saturated fat but just nutrients and vitamins. That is why models and celebrities in entertainment and sports choose to minimize or even refrain from meat and preferred vegetables since their careers require them to stay fit and healthy. Based on their interviews, here is their common list of ingredients found in healthy foods for vegetarians.

Going Green – Leafed: Balancing Nutrition As a Vegetarian

With the ability to produce and import various foods throughout the year that is not only organic, but also cheaper than years past, it’s a very great time to explore different eating lifestyles that suit your individual wants or needs. For anyone planning to, or currently eating as a vegetarian, it’s important to know that while eating vegetables and fruits is extremely healthy, your body still needs protein, calcium and other nutrients not common in those food groups; luckily, it’s very easy to have access to such nutrients.

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