Amazing MEATLESS Street Food Around the World!!

Is Honey a Vegan Food?

Is honey a vegan food? Following is gist of the arguments. You read, formulate your stance, and decide who has a stronger case.

Vegetarian Vegan Recipes – Easy & Healthy Standby Recipes For Your Vegan Kitchen

Have you ever heard the saying, “Keep it simple… stupid?” In this article you’ll learn a few simple and delicious vegan recipes to add to your standby recipe collection. Plus you’ll learn two beverage recipes to add to your daily routine for energized, healthy vegan living.

Clean Out the Fridge – Goan Tofu Curry

Once a month I clear out my fridge and cook up whatever I find. This week it was Goan curry with vegetables. An aromatic stew from the Goa region of India made with tofu instead of fish.

Oregano Omelette Recipe – Vegetarian-Friendly

I live in a country where there is plenty of fresh oregano, thyme, and lots of other herbs, relatively cheap. Having discovered oregano as a great natural herb for chest infections, I was delighted when I found out how good it was for candida when I had an over-growth of it myself. My spouse has a huge over-growth of candida at the moment, and so I have been cooking oregano omelettes to help things along.

Vegan Lifestyle Decreases Health Risks For Individuals and Community

he stereotypical image of vegans as hemp-wearing hippies protesting at animal rights’ rallies has come a long way since the movement first became realized in the 1940s and heightened with the counter culture movement of the 1960s. Today, nearly 2.8 percent or approximately 8.5 million of the U.S. adult population currently subscribe to a vegetarian lifestyle, according to a 2006 poll conducted by the Vegetarian Journal.

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