Five Best Tax-Friendly Countries for Vegans

Raw Vegan Food As A Tool To Bring Back Health But Not To Maintain Health?

Raw vegan food is said to detoxify and nourish the body. It is said to help people achieve weight loss or weight gain, whichever is appropriate. It is said to give people glowing skin and increased energy. But is it meant for the long term?

Raw Food Vegan Recipes – Dairy Free “Cheese” and “Milk”

Transitioning to a raw food diet can be difficult, especially when you find yourself with cravings of former comfort foods, like cheese and milk and ice-cream. Fortunately, there are hundreds of raw food vegan recipes to satiate your dairy-desires that are simple and delicious. Raw, dairy-free “cheese” or “milk” are great substitutes for their non-raw counterparts and contain tons of healthy fats and necessary protein.

Easy Vegetarian Recipe: Curried Red Beans With Quinoa

This is a simple vegetarian recipe as well as vegan recipe that is easy to prepare and very healthy. Eating quinoa is a good way of getting your daily fiber intake and protein. Quinoa contains magnesium which helps decrease blood pressure by relaxing your blood vessels and muscles.

Vegan Recipes for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is quite a tough time for vegetarians and vegans. The festival being all about a turkey and other symbols of satisfying indulgence, vegans really struggle for a comparable sign of convivial indulgence that could satisfy their senses in a plant-based way. Let’s go over two vegan recipes for just such a situation now.

Vegan Traveler Tips For Foreign Countries

When I visited Cebu Island, Philippines, with a Filipino friend to escape the Tokyo winter early this year, I already knew Filipinos were big meat eaters. Previously, I had visited Manila during the Christmas holiday, and Pinoy delicacies like roast suckling pigs and beef tripe were everywhere. As a vegan who rarely eats out, I was concerned about what I would eat during our 5-day getaway.

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