How To Avoid Nutrition Gaps On Plant-Based Vegan Diet | Ronan Oliveira

Expert Tips for Vegan Baking

One of the most commonly used approaches in baking cakes is one referred to as vegan baking. In this article, we look at some of the basic tips that you need to keep in mind whenever using this form of baking in making whichever kind of cakes you want.

The Best Protein Sources for Vegetarians

Vegetarianism is becoming more popular these days. If your diet doesn’t include meat, you’ll need to discover some protein sources for vegetarians.

American Chopsey, a Delicious Fusion Recipe

When I was in college, going to restaurants was a rare thing in contrast with what it is today. We went on special occasions like birthdays and enjoyed ordering and eating like grownups. One dish I remember was ‘American-Chopsey’ which I ate in a Chinese restaurant and loved it. When I came here I craved for this dish but did not know how to make it. I saw a Hakka noodles packet at Indian store and gave it a try. It tasted so good that we invited our friends over and we all enjoyed the product of my experiments! Give it a try when you crave for something spicy and tangy.

Paani Puri, a Fried, Crisp Shell Stuffed With Chick Peas and Tangy Juice

I am so much in love with this food that as soon as I land in India I march to the ‘Pan-Puri’ stall and eat my share without worrying about germs or water contamination (till now I have been lucky). The best pain puri comes from a street stall where people are gathered from all walks of life to relish this item with watery eyes caused due to spicy taste of the ‘Pani’.

Palak Paneer, a Spinach and Cheese Curry

Palak Paneer (Spinach and Cheese) was my first preference when visiting a Punjabi dhaba (Restaurant). I am always in search of good dhaba’s to explore the amazing food they offer which is any day preferred over fancy restaurant’s food. In a typical dhaba, food is usually served in steel plates and thali includes mouth watering collection of food served with raw onions and green whole chilli (which I never dared to chew on)!

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