How to Make Yu Bu Cho Bap (Tofu Wrapped Rice Balls)

Yu Bu Cho Bap is a Korean form of rolls. The inside of the roll is rice mixed with seeds and other flakes for flavor. The outside of the yu bu cho bap is fried tofu. This dish is very popular in Korea because of its ease in preparation as well as in its ease of transportation. This is how you make Yu Bu Cho Bap.

Help – My Teenager Has Just Announced They Want to Become Vegan – What Do I Do?

How does a non vegan family cope with a new vegan in the family? How do you prepare meals and buy food for a vegan teenager?

Healthy, Delicious, and Easy Vegetarian Cobb Salad Recipe

This article includes a simple yet delicious recipe for Cobb salad. Notice it is vegetarian – a healthier alternative to the traditional Cobb salad as the chicken, bacon, iceberg lettuce, and blue cheese have been omitted.

The Reasons Why Vegans Do Not Consume Dairy Products

Vegetarians eat and drink dairy products such as eggs, milk and butter. Vegans however do not. All vegans agree that it is wrong to eat dairy products, but they have different motives why they will not consume dairy products.

Nutritious Vegan Juices

Getting all of the nutrition and anti-oxidants your body requires for maximum health is very easy, once you start eating raw plant-based foods every day, and one of the easiest ways to do this consecutively is to drink vegans juices. These recipes are among the easy raw recipes, you will find, just mix them up and chug them down.

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