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Tofu – A Nutritionally Rich Food You Can Make at Home

While the main protein sources in Western diets are meat and dairy products, soybeans have for centuries served the same function in the East. And tofu is an important part of the Easterner’s diet. Actually tofu is made from soybean curds, which are pressed and drained to be made into tofu.

Healthy Vegetarian Recipes – Basic Elements Found in Every Nutritious Vegetarian Recipe

Healthy vegetarian recipes have two basic elements – combination and inspiration. Keep reading and find the detailed explanation for both of them.

Vegetarian Chili Recipes – 5 Tips to Making Great Vegetarian Chili!

Know thy chili pepper! Getting to know the chili peppers that you will use will help you in figuring out just how much heat you can take in your chili dish. So the trick is to know which types of chili peppers are the hottest. When you are cooking your vegetarian chili recipes, it is a good idea to start adding your chilies toward the end of the dish around the last two hours of cooking. Chili peppers are rated by Scoville heat units. This means that some chili peppers can actually burn the skin, eyes or nasal passages. Do not handle chili peppers with your bare hands!

A Tofu Cook Book Provides a Healthier Lifestyle

If you are looking to embrace a healthier life style, then why not consider recipes from a tofu cook book to help you on your way. Did you know that just by substituting meat in your meals for one or two meals a week could help you to save hundreds of dollars on groceries a year and can help you to lose weight?

Arabian Chicken Stuffing Recipe (With a Vegetarian Version)

This is an adaptation of my grandmother’s Jerusalem recipe for chicken or turkey stuffing. And it really is a standalone dish too – make loads more than you need for stuffing, freeze the rest, and serve it as a future meal. Or just make the stuffing and serve as a meal of its own right. Are you vegetarian? Great; forget the fowl and just have the stuffing!

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