How To Meal Prep 12 Easy Vegan Recipes In 90 Minutes For A Beginner

From Meat to Vegetarian: It’s a Life-Style Choice

Becoming a vegetarian isn’t simply a choice of diet – it’s a lifestyle change that affects more than just the food you eat. When you choose to go meatless it signifies you are a ready to make healthy living a permanent part of your life. This is more than a fad and requires willpower and dedication to make it work. One of the objectives of this website is to help you with this transition. Once you make the switch, you’ll be joining the millions of other people worldwide who share your choice.

Fried Japanese Tofu Recipes

Learn tips for making Agedashi with these fried Japanese tofu recipes. You can make this dish in a deep fryer or in a frying pan. The choice is yours. You may think this dish is high in fat but it is fried briefly plus if you eat it in moderation this yummy meal can be a part of your regular menu.

Indian Vegetarian Food Is Known for Being Healthy, Flavourful and Delicious

When talking about Indian cuisine, there is no one part of the country that is mentioned more than others. It is a cumulative definition that encompasses several different regions of India, each one with its own set of unique flavours, herbs and recipes. Having said that, because of my background, my recipes will highlight Northern Indian cuisine.

Heirloom Grains: Our New Heritage All Over Again?

Given the recent acquisition of quinoa in our pantries, there’s a burgeoning interest in healthful heirloom, heritage, or ancient grains. For the most part, these grains have been harvested and eaten for hundreds, if not thousands of years. This article discusses some of these heirloom grains and provides a healthful recipe.

Festive Cherry Beet Slaw

Move over cranberries! Here’s a beautiful and festively colored side dish for your holiday table or anytime the mood suits you.

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