How to Prevent Deficiencies on a Vegan Diet

Dealing With a Tomato Glut

If you’ve had a successful tomato growing season you’ll inevitably face a tomato glut at one stage. There’s a limit to how many tomatoes you can give away, so learn what to do with all those excess tomatoes.

Vegetarian Foods Are No Longer Boring And Tasteless

Vegetarian food is hardly tasteless or boring and there are a number of these that many people can choose from. For starters, people may want to try vegetarian soup recipes that are very healthy and among these are crockpot, chili, vegetarian minestrone, French onion soup, barley and tomato soup. One of the best vegetable soups that people should try is the gourmet vegetarian and tomato bisque soup. Not to be outdone is the delicious vegan artichoke that will certainly be a treat for vegetable lovers. Vegetarian foods are so very tasty that many people cannot have enough of them.

Yummy Vegetarian Recipes For You

There are various vegetarian recipes that people can enjoy and relish for a long time. One of these is roasted vegetables and a vegetarian should prepare sweet potato, Yukon gold potatoes, red bell peppers and squash. Once they are combined in a large bowl, red onions are added. In a separate bowl, rosemary, thyme, olive oil, salt, vinegar and pepper are stirred together and are used to coat the vegetables. All of these are spread evenly on a large pan that is used for roasting. In a pre-heated oven, these vegetables should be stirred every ten minutes so the vegetables will be cooked thoroughly

Being Vegetarian – What Does This Really Mean?

Many people all over the world love to eat meat, but there are those who only want to eat vegetables. There are many reasons a person wants to be a vegetarian, but perhaps the most obvious factor is economics. Vegetables are far more affordable than meat and healthier as well, so the latter is only used for special occasions.

General Tso’s Tofu

This was one of my favorite dishes at the Vegetable Garden Restaurant in Rockville, Maryland. This is my version of the wonderful dish. I baked the tofu instead of deep frying, which I can’t stand to do, my conscience wouldn’t let me. Therefore I used tahini paste as the base for a batter.

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