How to stop craving junk food (vegan weight loss tips!)

Taking A Closer Look At Veganism

One of the biggest reasons why the vegan movement is gaining such steam in the past 10 years is the ethical concern on how animals are treated by major corporations that tend to make more money by treating animals in a less than humane way to make a bigger profit.

Is Vegan Eating Right for Me?

It seems like there is more and more news every day of e-coli poisoning in meat or another study linking hormones given to cattle with cancer or even autism.

The Creative Tofu Recipe

As more and more people look for ways to optimize their health they continue to turn a critical eye to the foods they are eating. What they discover is that there are a bevy of delicious and nutritious substitutes for the highly caloric and unhealthy foods they have been eating up until this point. When it comes to finding protein sources that do not contain the cholesterol and fat content found in meat products, people are beginning to rediscover tofu. And as a way to integrate tofu into every day life, people continue to add each tofu recipe that they find into their stockpile of delicious dishes.

Tasty Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetables are important protective food and highly beneficial for the maintenance of health and prevention of disease. They contain valuable food ingredients like vitamins, minerals and fiber which can be help build up and repair the body. Here are two great vegetarian recipes for all of you moms who cannot get their children to eat vegetables and all those vegetarians who are tired of salad.

Tofu Is A Wonder Food

People become more and more health conscious with each passing year. Fad diets, home gyms, and quick weight loss pills constantly flood the market. However, there has always been one tried and true road to good healthy; healthy eating. Finding ways to eat healthy can be difficult, especially with the high fat and cholesterol content that is found in red and white meats. But there is an alternative that has been long embraced by both eastern culture and vegetarians alike, and that alternative is tofu.

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