Super Lazy Vegan Snack Ideas! { healthy + easy }

3 Kale Salad Recipes Healthy Eaters Will Enjoy

Kale is said to be the “king” of all healthy greens. If you’re a fan of this super food, these salad recipes will surely make you love it even more!

Benefits Of Trying Out Vegetarian Recipes

If you feel tired eating meat based recipes and wanted to try out something new, then you might want to try out some vegetarian recipes. Studies show that going meatless for a few days will not cause any harm to your body.

Butter Mushroom Masala

This recipe is restaurant style Mushroom Butter Masala and utilizes button mushroom but any other varieties of mushroom can also be used. This has thick golden gravy. If you need to make the color further red, you can add kashmiri red chilli powder to it.

The Vegetarian’s Survival Guide to Christmas

Christmas is a time of indulgence. For some this seems to be about consuming as much meat as possible. Whenever I read through Christmas cookbooks, I notice an inordinate amount of recipes that seem to include cooking every animal under the sun. So if you are a vegetarian, this time of year can be tricky for you. Hopefully this article will make your vegetarian Christmas a happy time for all.

Tasty Ideas for the Vegetarian Lunch Box

Lunchtime. Is it the one meal of the day that you give the least thought to? Do you find yourself simply ‘grabbing a bite’, or making up the same old sandwich each and every day? Well fortunately it doesn’t have to be this way. Take a look at some great ideas that are suitable for your lunch box.

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