The Top 5 Vegan Foods for Weight Loss.

High Protein Breakfast Ideas

In this article we share two utterly delicious high protein breakfast ideas for vegans and vegetarians. Our healthy, breakfast recipes are simple and sophisticated, and fit in perfectly with a high protein meal plan. We begin with a delectable tofu scramble with spinach, and then share a baked tofu and vegetable recipe.

Summertime Is Fresh Tomato Time

Fresh tomatoes off the vine are one of summer’s best vegetables. Eating them off the vine with a sprinkling of salt reminds me of my childhood. Or slice them thickly and marinate them with olive oil and fresh herbs.

To Be Green, You Have To Eat Green

This is an article about eating green. This article contains information on commonly overlooked but delicious and easy to grow vegetables like Okra and Dandelion.

Raw Kale Recipes – 3 Easy Recipes!

Raw kale is one of the most nutritious greens you can eat. Here are three easy raw kale recipes you can try at home.

Smoothie Maker Baffles The Sweet Tooth Even With Veggies

So many times I hear people say that they do not know what to put into a smoothie maker. We will cover some simple and yet very common sense approach to this problem. When a good plan comes together a good smoothie maker can mask the taste of some of the bitter veggies that are so good for us. By combining fruit and veggies together, a sweet and mostly sweet raw snack or meal can be obtained.

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