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Autumn Harvest Vegan Stuffing – Make Your Own Chef’s Choice Recipe

Vegans can make the most of fall vegetables, fruits and nuts in a holiday menu, while celebrating compassion and kindness to animals. Mix and match ingredients from the autumn harvest to blend with your own taste preferences and create a main course casserole or vegetable stuffing. Learn Get tips on salads, appetizers and side dishes that are compatible with vegan stuffing meals.

Vegetarian Recipes: Homemade Yogurt Recipe

Making your own yogurt is actually quite simple and this homemade yogurt recipe is very easy to follow. In addition to having your own great plain yogurt, you can mix in fresh fruits, which kids really enjoy. You can also use the yogurt to cook with. Additionally, it makes a delicious and healthy ingredient in smoothies.

Cooking Brussels Sprouts

A lot of people don’t appreciate the taste of brussels sprouts because they’ve been cooking them wrong for years. Mixed with a few simple ingredients, these vegetables can really shine and impress guests who may have disliked them in the past.

Some Helpful Tips for New Vegans

So you’ve decided that your current diet is unhealthy or your Dr. suggested that it would be in your best interest to eat healthier,  Either way, trying to find a diet that suits your lifestyle can be a daunting task but don’t be discouraged, many people deciding to change their eating habits for the first time face the same obstacles. If you’ve decided that veganism is an option for you then I have the following advice and tips for you.

Healthy Options: Green Beans a’La Thai

Green beans are one of the key ingredients in any healthy eating plan. They’re high in vitamins and fiber, and are an outstanding source of many key minerals and antioxidants. Best of all, they’re easy to prepare in a variety of delicious ways.

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