What I Eat In a Day As A Vegan Bodybuilder (TIPS TO GAIN MUSCLE)

What Vegetarians Should Eat

As each year goes by, the vegetarian food market continues to expand with numerous new products to choose from, but are they all what a vegetarian should eat? A vegetarian diet is not as limited as it may appear. There are some vegetarians who eat fish and no other animal meat products.

Southern Indian Curried Mushrooms

Spice up your healthy eating menu with this recipe for curried mushrooms. It packs a whallup of southern Indian flavor, and makes an excellent and exotic vegetarian main dish. It’s delicious as well as being low in fat and calories.

Types of Vegetarians and What They Eat

A vegetarian lifestyle can be very different from the average person. We are beginning to learn though, that excluding meat from one’s diet can be healthy. There are a couple different types of vegetarians.

The Importance of Protein on a Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarians seem to always be wondering if they are getting enough protein. Protein is crucial for your body to function. It build and repairs muscle tissue in the body. Protein is especially crucial to those who work out a lot. A low amount of protein can cause certain ailments such as anemia.

Raw Food Recipe – Mushroom Stroganoff

I have to confess that a good, flavoursome, creamy mushroom stroganoff has always been one of my favourite “cooked food” recipes, so I decided to experiment today with a raw version and how did it go? Suffice to say I just licked the plate clean.

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