Why I Am Vegan + Before & After Photos + My Vegan Weight Loss Story!

A Cauliflower Recipe You Will Actually Love

Do you hate cauliflower? Well, then, you’ve probably never had roasted cauliflower. Most of the time, cauliflower is steamed, which makes it bland and mushy. But roasted cauliflower has a nutty, buttery flavor that positively melts in your mouth. You can sprinkle it with cheese, dust it with spices, and even dunk it in barbecue sauce. Follow these simple steps to a delicious, simple and healthy treat.

An Eccentric Lifestyle Popular in the Early 19th Century Has Left Us the Graham Cracker and More!

Modern nutritionists strongly endorse limiting the consumption of meat and refined, processed foods in the diet. Dark, multi-grain breads are promoted as key elements of a healthy diet. A vegetarian or vegan type of diet is increasingly popular. Daily bathing and proper oral care are cornerstones of hygiene and personal care. All of these ideas were key, if controversial planks in the philosophy that was central the Grahamist lifestyle. Today we accept them as factual truths, supported by science and research data.

Recipes For Success On Your Raw Food Diet

Within the first week of starting a raw food diet, most will begin to feel the positive effects to their health and well being. That becomes incentive to stay on the diet knowing it is helping to somewhat detox your body and improving your health. After a while though you may feel that you are eating the same things repetitiously and may tire of it.

Here Is a Sampling of a Raw Food Diet Menu

Are you ready for the challenge? Put on paper some ideas and recipes for a raw food diet dinner party for your special guests. You will need to consider the tastes and textures of the raw foods you choose to make your menu a taste sensation!

The Detox Your Body With Raw Foods Diet

Before beginning any new diet it is always recommended to consult your physician. A detox diet consisting of raw foods is considered to have many health benefits. People have said that by eating a diet of 100% raw foods that they have had many health issues reverse.

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