Lazy Vegan Dessert Ideas!

Vegetarian/Vegan Food for Your Wedding in Tuscany

If you are vegetarian and are planning your wedding in Tuscany you must read this article. When planning a wedding we are challenged with a lot of decision making and certainly the food is one of those. The reason why most people decide to get married in Tuscany is the food. If you are planning a wedding in Tuscany and one of you is vegetarians or have quite a few vegetarian/vegan guests you have to be a bit more thoughtful with the menu. However, don’t panic because when it comes to eco-friendly diet the Tuscan cuisine offers a wide selection of delicious traditional dishes.

Six Facts About Sweet Potatoes That Makes Them Sweeter

How is the Thanksgiving menu complete without a sweet potato dish? Not only do these orange-colored vegetables taste good, they also pack in huge amounts of nutrients and provide plenty of health benefits. So at the next Thanksgiving, when you have all your loved ones surrounding you at the dinner table, add these six facts while serving the sweet potatoes to everyone…

Vegan Lunch Recipes – Ideas and Recipes For A Delicious Vegan Lunch!

It is important to ensure variety in your vegan diet to make certain that you are getting all of the right nutrients, to stay motivated, and of course, to enjoy your food. Many people on the vegan diet get stuck in a rut when it comes to preparing their lunches. What they may not realize is that there are many super easy and healthy vegan lunch ideas and recipes awaiting them, if they simply are willing to put in a little bit of effort in preparing them!

Your Vegan Breakfast – Easy Ideas and Recipes To Kick-Start Your Morning!

Many new folk on the vegan diet find it difficult to think of tasty and easy foods to prepare. Oftentimes, many folk just do not have the time or energy to search for easy, healthy vegan recipes. And when it comes to breakfast, they are often stuck in the same old food rut!

Easy Vegan Banana Bread Recipe

One of the kings of easy-to-make breads, banana bread is always a welcome treat into any vegans vegans diet. Most banana breads (especially store bought ones), contain dairy and/or eggs, but this recipe forgoes both, and still manages to come out of the oven smelling delicious.

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