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The Turbulent History of Tasty Tofu

In short, Tofu comes from China. It was first produced there over 2000 years ago, as we can see from a stone mural depicting a kitchen scene during the period 25-220AD. Su Ping also wrote an “Ode to Tofu” much later in AD1500 which is our earliest written reference to Tofu.

Various Benefits of a Vegetarian Lifestyle

For people across the globe, becoming vegetarian is largely a matter of money: Meat costs a lot more than, say, beans or rice, so meat becomes a special-occasion dish. In developed countries where meat is considerable cheap, though, people choose to be vegetarians for reasons other than cost. Family preferences, spiritual beliefs, and health concerns are among the top reasons for choosing to be a vegetarian. Many people opt for a vegetarian diet out of concern over animal rights or the environment too.

Healthy Kale Soup (Naturopath Approved)

Ever wonder if there was any way to make kale taste good? Try this soup. My husband and I have horrible childhood memories of the dreaded kale.

Carrot Salad Recipe: Russian-Korean Carrot Salad (A Vegan Recipe)

Here is a very simple and easy carrot salad that you can throw together at the last minute and take to that potluck party. Or if you find yourself with too many people showing up for a meal and need more food, this can round out your selection. Carrots are cheap and nutritious, and even kids like them. Here is my vegan recipe for Russian-Korean Carrot Salad.

Vegetarian Minestrone Soup Recipe (A Vegan Recipe)

Minestrone is a classic Italian soup which usually contains vegetables, beans, and pasta or rice. It is a hearty and filling soup and can be a complete meal in itself. Here is my recipe for Vegetarian Minestrone Soup.

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