I ate a vegan diet for 3 years | Here’s what I learnt

Creamy Carrot-Squash Soup With Seasoned Pita Chips

Carrots are a great way to add color and nutritive value to your healthy eating plan. They’re low calorie, flavorful, and a great source of vitamins, minerals and fiber your body needs.

Italian Spinach Balls With Parmesan, Romano and Mozzarella Cheeses

Vegetarians are always on the lookout for new and delicious recipes. This recipe for spinach balls builds on the classic recipe. Non-vegetarians may add a half pound of lean ground beef if they wish.

Vegetarian Eating: Why Plant Food Is Healthier

Vegetarianism is the lifestyle that involves the exclusion of animal meat and byproducts, but there are various types of vegetarians, and these are ovo-vegetarians, lacto-vegetarians, ovo-lacto vegetarians, and vegans. Ovo-vegetarians are those who include eggs in their diets but exclude dairy products. Lacto-vegetarians include dairy products such as milk and cheese in their diets but exclude eggs.

Vegetarian Delights: Mushrooms Stroganoff

Reducing the amount of meat you eat or eliminating meat from your diet entirely is not only one of the healthiest things you can do, it’s also one of the easiest. Armed with the right recipes, you’ll never miss the flavor of meat – nor will you miss the fat, calories, or artery-clogging cholesterol.

Hot Pepper Relish Gives Spice To Your Plain Food

Looking for the excitement and thrill in a bite of your food? Then hot pepper relish will never disappoint you. You can every food you want in spicy flavor anytime.

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