Delicious High-Protein Breakfast Recipes for Vegetarians

Are you a vegetarian or just trying to eat healthier? Start your day right with these tasty high-protein dishes!

Must-Try Vegetarian Recipes for Healthy Snacking

Starting to eat clean? These easy vegetarian recipes make the perfect healthy snacks to support your new lifestyle!

Coconut Pulao Recipe – Good As None Other

There are a few dishes with as much heart as a pulao. A pulao simply reminds one of the rich traditions of ancient India, and is a dish as delicious as none other. Check out the Coconut pulao recipe. You are sure to love it and the dish is high on taste and nutrition as well. It is a fine change to try out at home, or serve for parties as well!

Indian Chaats: The Healthful and Delightful Aloo Paneer Chaat

Chaat is an adorable dish, makes up for the best of street foods, its invariably palatable and the perfect after meal snack. Chaat could be made to be more nutritious, and if prepared at home, nothing matches a nicely made chaat on summer evenings. Surprise your guests this time over by adding the delicious alu paneer chaat to the dinner menu. Check out the recipe for the chaat!

The Secret Ingredient to a Healthy Life

A whole foods plant based diet has been shown to protect people from major illnesses including cancer, heart disease and stroke. Learning how to cook without any animal products requires extra training but pays off in a delicious way.

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