I Went Vegan for 30 Days. Health Results Shocked Me

High Protein Vegetarian Food Items in Indian Cuisine

People who want to lose weight or simply maintain good health are very conscious about their protein consumption, and rightly so. Vegetarians, especially, tend to be anxious about meeting their protein needs. The good news is that Indian vegetarian food consists of some excellent protein sources. Read on to find out what these are.

Hidden Animal Products Vegetarians Need To Be Aware Of

Being a vegetarian or vegan is a lot easier than it used to be with most manufacturers taking the time to clearly label their products so it is easy to see which contain animal products. However, there are still some products that contain hidden animal products that vegetarians need to be aware of.

Eating Raw Foods To Lose Weight and Live Better

More and more people are hearing about the many health benefits of eating raw foods. Raw foods are foods that have not been cooked and are natural, some examples are fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts, and other delicious foods. While this may seem like it is limiting your eating options, there are several great foods that taste great and are great for you. If you are interested in losing weight and living much better, than eating raw foods should be considered.

Vegan Nut Cheese

One can make the most amazing vegan nut cheese with quite a similar taste and texture as dairy cheese. Nut pulp is fermented, and then flavourings are added after 2 days. Here is an easy recipe of how to make your own raw vegan nut cheese.

Chestnut Vegan Cake With Cherry Salsa

Chestnut is a wonderful flour to use, albeit expensive, I know. Using the flour in baking, it makes cakes and brownies wonderfully moist, the same way two or three egg yolks would do it. This cake is also made sugar-free, being sweetened with grape and apple juice instead.

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