Jackfruit Shawarma With Tzatziki Sauce

The jackfruit recipes I’ve found so far on the interwebs have never failed to disappoint. Mushy in texture with lackluster, weird flavor has never been my thing, so I finally cast them aside and created my own from scratch. I hope you enjoy!

Quick and Easy Vegetarian Dishes To Love

If anybody were to give an advice on how to be healthy, it would be “eat your vegetables”. Fill your tummy with something nutritious today – try these quick and easy all-veggie recipes!

Vada Pav Recipe

Imagine vada pav and your mouth waters with the thought of sinking your teeth first into a soft, golden brown crust and then into a tender filling of flavourful potatoes. Vada pav is like an Indian (veg) burger but is now gaining popularity the world over.

Tasty Recipes of Jowar Flour, Tur Dal, and Moong Dal

The health benefits of Jowar flour, Tur dal, and Moong dal are many. Jowar is also known as white millet. It has a low-fat content and is a rich source of protein and carbohydrate. Also, Jowar flour is gluten free as well as cholesterol free which makes it an ideal food for diabetic patients and those with celiac disease or patients with gluten sensitivity.

Collard Greens

Collard greens are a staple most southern planter’s esteem. Collard greens are dull, verdant and loaded with vitamins. Collard greens, with their somewhat severe taste and chewy surface are misjudged creatures of the vegetable world.

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