Doctor Mike Goes VEGAN For 30 Days | Here’s How My Body Reacted…

Plant Based Dishes

Plant based dishes are precisely what they sound like: They are any dishes that have plants as their major ingredients. Such dishes are progressively building a following in current years. This rise in popularity is great news for anyone looking to eat this type of diet for these reasons, more restaurants will cater to the vegan diet, vegan ingredients will become easier to find in grocery stores and markets.

Tips to Conquer and Control Portion Distortion the Healthy Way

Tips to conquer and control portion distortion the healthy way. Learn how to read a food label to know how much the right amount that you and your family should eat.

Buy “Farm Fresh”, “Organic”, and From the Farm Fruits and Vegetables – The Pit Falls Where They May

Funny someone should be writing about this and selling on the internet at the same time, isn’t it? I mean, why go to all that trouble? Well, because legitimate farms such as ours suffer from negative reputations created by fly-by-night outfits.

Indian Vegetarian Recipes – Indian Bread Recipes

Here you find different types of Indian Bread. You can enjoy with any Indian Curry. You also make in a any festival. There are many type of Indian Bread Recipes. These recipes and their preparation method varies from region to region.

Raw Vegan Mushroom Lasagna!

Enjoy this vibrant and healthy meal. It will leave your taste buds satisfied and your guests wanting more. This is great for all kinds… vegan, raw, vegetarian and meat eaters!

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