What I EAT In A Day TO Build Muscle / Vegan + Workout

Delicious Vegetarian Picnic Foods

There are a variety of mouthwatering vegetarian picnic foods for you to take along on your next picnic outing. Here are a couple of sensational foods ideal for vegetarians looking for an appetizing and relaxing picnic.

Raw Food Diet Ideas

Raw foods are becoming popular again. It’s a kind of cultural idea that is wonderful and beneficial to good health.

Delicious Kale Chips – Learn One of My Favorite Recipes For Kale That Everyone Will Love

Kale chips is one of our favorite snacks. They are very easy to make, and extremely addicting. Which is great because they’re good for you!

Garden of the Gods – Southwest Black Bean Burgers

The Garden of the Gods is not your typical floral extravaganza. Instead, of perennials, red rocks sprout from the ground, sandstone monoliths soaring into a watercolor sky. The park, located on the outskirts of Colorado Springs, is a study in russets and browns that meanders through sparse vegetation in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Vegetarian Options: Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Stuffed cabbage rolls are a crowd pleaser; if you make them once, you’ll be asked to make them again and again. Their savory flavor makes them an excellent special occasion entree, perfect for holidays, Sunday dinners, and family gatherings. This recipe can easily made vegetarian or vegan by following the substitution recommendations.

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