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Nutritious Vegetarian Breakfast for Your Kids

The school-age kid is generally stable when it comes to actual physical development. Height might increase in increments of five to six centimetres, or about two to nearly two and a half inches each year. While weight gain averages two kilograms, or almost four and a half pounds, per year during the early childhood years, it increases to four and a half kilograms, or around nine to ten pounds, each year as puberty approaches.

Healthy Banana Cake (Naturopath-Approved)

This is my favourite banana cake recipe. It is incredibly simple and feels great to eat a second helping guilt free.

Making The Case For Meatless Mondays

There is a growing awareness in the US that we would be better off if we ate less meat. It would help improve our health, the environment, and save us money. If you are not willing to eliminate animal products from your diet, or your family resists, maybe you should try meatless Monday!

Where to Find the Best Vegetarian Recipes!

Becoming vegetarian is a healthy lifestyle that beats a carnivore diet any day. The one dilemma that vegetarians often run into is: where to find good vegetarian recipes? In our culture’s meat-centered diet, most recipes contain chicken or beef. Here are some great places to turn for meatless recipes.

Vegan Cake Recipes That Taste Good Too

Most people think vegan means no taste. These vegan cake recipes however are great for the vegan guest or everyday for the whole family too.

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