10 TIPS! How To Go Vegan {what helped me go vegan!}

Tofu – A Wonderful Vegan Diet Ingredient

What most people don’t realize is that it’s very possible, indeed even probable, for a creative chef to make vegan meals just as exciting and full of variety as any other type of cuisine. Tofu, a soybean curd, is a wonderfully unique vegan food ingredient.

Delicious Vegetarian Dessert Recipes

There are so many great vegetarian dessert recipes that you should never had to go without a sweet treat. Here are some recipes for traditional Portuguese dessert dishes.

The Key to Choosing Vegetarian Recipes

Now becoming the vegetarian is lifestyle. No wonder that more and more people are becoming vegetarian. They choose vegetarian recipes for many reasons: social or religious beliefs, health concerns, availability, and taste. However, some people consider that choosing recipes for vegetarian is not easy and delicious.

Vegetarian Quinoa Recipe – Easy Paella

I’m such a huge fan of quinoa not only because of the nutritional benefits I get from it but because I love mixing it with other ingredients and my dishes turn out to be extra special all the time. I love the nutty flavor and the crunchy texture of the golden grain.

Vegan Quinoa Salad Recipes

I always enjoy whipping up a nice vegan quinoa salad almost everyday because I don’t have to worry about counting calories and fat content. Quinoa is packed with protein and among other grains, it’s the only one that can offer all 9 essential amino acids including lysine.

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