Super Food For Vegetarians and Vegans – Sprouts

Sprouts are living food. You can sprout just about anything as all plants start from seeds but the sprouts that I will be talking about in this article are the ones derived from grains, nuts and tiny seeds. Sprouts are super food regardless of your dietary preference but they are especially valuable to vegans and vegetarians for their exceptional nutritional properties.

Delicious Vegan Chocolate Cake

The vegan diet — what a drastic diet, isn’t it? No animal products whatsoever permitted, including egg, milk, cream and butter also out of the menu. That leaves us with no much to make some appetising and tasty food and what about cakes or pastries.

Vegan Cooking Basics

In recent years, the vegan lifestyle has caught on in everyday, mainstream society for a number of reasons. Many people simply believe it is a more ethical way of living in terms of reducing cruelty to animals raised in modern, mass-production agricultural systems.

Easy Vegetarian Recipe – How to Get More Vegetables in Your Diet and Energize Your Day

I have been trying out new ways to get more green vegetables into my diet in an easy vegetarian recipe. I’m doing this because there are numerous studies that show adding green vegetables to your diet really helps prevent all sorts of diseases, and also helps get your power levels up. Of course, considering the human body evolved in a time where there were no processed foods, no dairy farms, and no cereal factories, fruits and veggies were the only real source of food.

Vegetarian Restaurant Recipes Are Healthy and Easy

Simply being vegetarian doesn’t require a down-grade in your meals’ tastiness. You will discover that restaurants use only the best ingredients, taking all the care they need in order to present with the best meals. You can do the same, right from home.

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